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Hardip Narayan & Sons Pte Ltd

Pritam Singh Rd 8mls , Nasinu 3393411

Swits-n-Snax (Fiji) Pte Limited

Yalalevu Ba , Ba 6674888

Our story dates back generations when our forefathers set out from their home in Gujarat, India for the Fiji Islands located in the South Pacific Islands. Finding themselves on the shores of these pristine islands, our forefathers set out to work , settling into a new life. As is with all travelers, they brought a part of their own into this new world. Naturally, it had to be food products. Since late 1920’s, BBC BHUJA is today a well known household brand name in Fiji.

Lami Kava Pte Ltd

5 Qaraniki Subdvsn Veisari , Lami 3361409

Quality Products Ltd

Tutu Taveuni , taveuni 8880336

Dayals Sawmillers Pte Ltd

Yalalevu , Ba 6675605

Aquarium Fish (Fiji) Ltd

134 Kasala Pl PHbr , Deuba 3450334

Goodman Fielder International (Fiji) Ltd

Lot 30 Karsanji St Bhindi Indstrl Est Vtwqa , Suva 3387066

Makan's Drug & Pharmaceutical Supplies

24 Jai Hanumman Rd Vtwqa , Suva 3370010

Bula Island Food Supplies Ltd

Carreras Rd Votulevu , Nadi 6725580