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Who we are

Fiji Directories Pte Limited commenced operations in July 1993 and operates as a subsidiary of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited. As an ATH group company advertising for Fiji's leading telecommunications provider, Telecom Fiji Pte Limited, Fiji Directories provide services for Fijian buyers and sellers through brands such as Yellow Pages© and White Pages©. The company is situated at Level 1, My FNPF Centre, Greig Street, Suva with a west based branch located at 24 Cawa Rd, Martintar, Nadi.

Our Mission

The company is committed to improving its standards in printing, product innovation and customer satisfaction whilst publishing the most comprehensive and reliable information at the highest standard possible.

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Make Use of Yellow Pages

  • “Know what you want but not where to get it? Yellow Pages Fiji will help you find it”.
  • With more than 800 business classification headers and more than 11,000 business listings, users can search Yellow Pages daily to find what they need throughout Fiji.
  • Yellow Pages includes high quality advertisements, email and website contacts to give customers an alternative means of communication apart from the phone numbers listings available.
  • From businesses to government to NGO listings or for any type of services or products; Yellow Pages is the first place to start.
  • The Fiji Telephone Directory provides the information that Fijians need to keep in touch and linking suppliers and buyers together.

To get your business or product up in Fiji’s number one listing space.

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