Dayals Sawmillers Pte Ltd

Dayals Sawmillers Limited is currently one of the largest local privately owned hardwood sawmill and exporter in Fiji. The mill employs highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our timber is carefully processed with a high recovery and yield of grades. We have the right equipment to produce a high quality end product for your needs.

Products and services

At Dayals you will come across a range of commercial species available for purchase. We process the following species: Dakua Makadre (Fiji Kauri/ Agathis vitiensis); Damanu (Calophyllum); Kauvula (White Wood/ Endospermum); Yaka (Dacrydium spp.); Salusalu; Vesi (Intsia); Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla).

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