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The Ministry of Agriculture roles includes: - Accelerate agricultural product diversification into crops and livestock products where competitive advantage has been identified - Facilitate private sector development - Promote food security and To ensure sustainable development in the non-sugar sector.

Modernizing Agriculture – Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji


Agriculture in Fiji is one of the most important piece of the national economy equitably spreading income and employment opportunities to every stakeholder, particularly the farmers. Fiji agriculture economy is moving forward by addressing new domestic and global challenge

About Us:-

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji is one of the key ministries of the Fiji Government which is offering employment and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and acting act as a link between the agriculture sector and the rest of the economy. The Agriculture Ministry following the Agriculture Sector Policy Agenda 2020 and complimenting the National Green Growth Framework of Fiji.

Role of the Ministry Of Agriculture:-

1. To accelerate agricultural product diversification into crops and livestock products where competitive advantage has been identified.

2. To facilitate private sector development.

3. To promote food security.

4. To ensure sustainable development in the non – sugar sector.

Our Vision:-

To influence market forces through vibrant and sustainable agriculture activity that reduces poverty, reduces the risk of food insecurity and increase the contribution to GDP.

Responsibilities of the Ministry Of Agriculture:-

1. Maintaining food security through the provision of Extension and Research Services both Livestock and Crops.

2. Quick Economic Recovery through the implementation of the Demand Driven Approach Programme (DDA) and other commodity projects.

3. Assisting in poverty Alleviation by building capacity for farmers to increase production.

4. Sustainable management of Natural Resources through the Flood Protection Programmes and other Sustainable Land Management practices.

Our Services to Support our Farmers – Consultation, Research, Information:-

1. Research publications, pathology and health maintenance of Livestock.

2. Education and training of Agriculture Technology.

3. Licensing, compliance, and monitoring of pesticides use.

4. Agriculture produces market development and licensing, compliance of export/import.

5. Consulting services for agro-businesses and chemical analytical services.

6. Land Drainage, irrigation, pathology, and veterinary services.

7. Agriculture Tribunal Legal Judgement.

“Let’s participate in the Modernization of Fiji’s Agriculture Sector”


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